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Đồng hồ giám sát nhiệt độ máy biến áp BWR-04J(TH)

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    BWR-04J (TH) Transformer winding thermometer is a transformer-specific instrument. The instrument is designed with the principle of additional temperature rise. The product has the characteristics of small size, full function, easy installation and simple operation, and can output DC4-20mA standard current signal for use by computer system or secondary instrument to realize unmanned power station management. 
    BWR-04J (TH) transformer winding thermometer, mainly composed of elastic components, sensing catheter, temperature sensing components, electric heating elements, integrated transmitter (converter integrated in the thermometer inside) and digital display. 
    Working conditions: Ambient temperature (-40-55°C) Relative humidity ≤95% 
    Measurement range: 0-150°C 
    Accuracy: Class 2.0 (Maximum allowable error at the monitoring point is ±3°C) 
    Switch performance: Four sets of adjustable switches, Each set of switches can set the 
    switch operation error within the full range : ±2°C 
    Switching Switching Difference: 6±2°C 
    Switch Rated Power: AC220V/5A 
    Temperature Package Size: ∮14*105mm, Mounting Thread M27*2mm 
    Capillary Length :5 meters

    Liên hệ : Mr Thanh - 0936 511 869 
    Công ty TNHH Thương mại và dịch vụ kỹ thuật điện Anh Minh.



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